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Air Track with Integral 120V Air Source

Air Track with Integral 120V Air Source

Air Track with Integral 120V Air Source

The affordable cornerstone of mechanics experimentation.

Nearly friction-free. The Science First® air track provides a near-frictionless surface that is an indispensable tool for studying the mechanics of linear motion. Improve the clarity of your students’ data by virtually eliminating error and frustration-inducing fricton. EASY TO USE! Simply plug in the motor, level the track with the three leveler feet, and start experimenting.



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- Reduced friction
- Interchangeable accessories with other Science First® Air Tracks
- Easy assembly - Insert the track into the triangular air source fitting.

(1)    Air Track
(1)     Air Source
(2)     100g gliders
(4)     Spring bumpers
(2)     Coil springs
(1)     Pulley assembly w/string
(3)     Magnetic bumpers
(1)     Inelastic bumper (banana plug)
(4)     Connecting brackets for springs
(4)     25g masses
(2)     Thumbscrews

Track Length:  1.8 m
Cross Section: 90° apex isosceles triangle
Air holes: 1 rows on each side, 0.95 mm dia.
Straightness: 0.08 mm over working length
Support: Adjustable foot
End Stops: Accepts accessories

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