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Scientific Method Kit

Scientific Method Kit

Scientific Method Kit

For 30 students.
Learn to solve a problem rather than follow a procedure by rote. Present your class with a new conundrum that requires them to analyze the situation, identify the problem, form a hypothesis, and test the hypothesis. This series of lab activities are suitable for all science curriculums and fills a 60 minute time slot. 

Kit includes:
Chemplates with spatula, 15; Bromothymol Blue indicator, 4 bottles; Drop controlled bottle, 1 each of two different unknowns; Student worksheets; Instructions with MSDS; Bottles of solution, 2 each:
0.1 M Hydrocholoric Acid; 0.1 M Sulfuric Acid; 0.1 M Sodium Hydroxide; 0.1 M Potassium Hydroxide; 0.1 M Nitric Acid; 0.1 M Calcium Hydroxide; 0.1 M Zinc Nitrate



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