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Enzymes And Digestion Process

Enzymes And Digestion Process

Enzymes And Digestion Process

(Enough materials for 15 groups) All the food in the world is of no use if your body can’t extract the nutrients it needs. Expose 3 nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) to different digestive enzymes and compare them to nutrients without enzymes added. Test chemically to see if enzymes were effective in digestion.  Teacher’s Manual and Student Study guide copymasters included. 

Pancreatin powder, 1 x 5.0g
Albumin egg powder, 1. x 2.5g
Amylase bacterilogical powder,1 x 25g
Sodium hydrochloric acid 0.1n,1 x 25g
Soluble starch, 1. x 2.5g
Pepsin 1:10,0000,1 x 1.0g
Biuret for protein test,1 x 25g
Phenolphnthalein 1% lpa, 1 x 25g
Lki dilute lugois solution, 1 x 25g
Olive oil, pure, 1 x 25g
10 per kit - plastic pipette, gaduated



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