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Plant Food - Nutrition Deficiency

Plant Food - Nutrition Deficiency

Plant Food - Nutrition Deficiency

Examine the effects of nutrient deficiency on plants with the included materials. Specially prepared nutrient solutions allow you to deprive each plant of one of seven specific vital nutrients. Over time, you can determine the effects, if any, of the nutrient deprivation through physical observation of the plant’s growth. Enough materials for 3 complete set-ups.Teacher’s manual and student copy masters. 

Kit Includes:
• 1x200ml, Calcium Nitrate 1M
• 1x200ml, Potassium Nitrate 1M
• 1x100ml, Magnesium Sulfate 1M
• 1x50ml, Potassium Phosphate 1M
• 1x25ml, Sodium Phosphate 1M
• 1x100ml, Sodium Nitrate 1M
• 1x25ml, Magnesium Chloride 1M
• 1x25ml, Sodium Sulfate 1M
• 1x50ml, Calcium Chloride 1M
• 1x 50ml, Potassium Chloride 1M
• 1x100ml, Micronutrient Solution
• 1 bag Vermiculite
• 24 each, 5 & 7 ounce clear plastic cups
• 24 pieces, absorbent wick pad
• Radish seeds, package



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