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Anemometer (was $14.95)

Anemometer (was $14.95)

Anemometer (was $14.95)

WAS $14.95 now reduced to $9.95 while supplies last!

This colorful working model is sensitive to breezes as slight as 2 mph. Since it rotates at speeds 1/6 that of the wind velocity, wind speeds can be determined quantitatively by counting the rotations.

Includes four plastic molded cups, 3 black, 1 red for contrast; low friction axle; sturdy plastic base; instructions with sample problem and wind speed chart.



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How to Teach with Anemometer
Concepts Taught: Wind; wind speed determination; weather
Curriculum Fit:
Earth Science Sequence/The Planet Earth.
Unit: Atmospheric Processes. Grades 6-8.
Concept Taught: Motion: Distance, Timer, Average trip speed, Direction of Motion.
Curriculum Fit:
Physics Sequence/Motion & Force.
Unit: Descriptors of Motion. Grades 6-8.
Concept Taught: Wind as source of Energy.
Curriculum Fit:
Chemistry Sequence/Structure of Matter.
Unit: Energy Alternatives. Grades 6-8.

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