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Intermediate Air Track 2m, Daedalon®

Study one-dimensional motion, collisions and the conservation of momentum at low friction. Our sturdy triangular aluminum track is lightweight yet durable. 2 meters in length, it has a smooth surface and high linearity due to precision machining. Two rows of 

0.9 mm diameter holes on each side. Re-engineered spring bumpers have significantly lower friction loss than previous design. Updated gliders have a lower center of mass. Accessories are less massive to improve accuracy. Requires EA-20 Air Source (not included).

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3 Aluminum gliders, 2 - 200g, 1 - 100g
8 Re-engineered spring bumpers
6 Thumbscrews
1 Spool of thread
4 Stainless springs, 2 - 2.5cm, 2 - 5cm springs
1 Weight hook
4 5g masses for pulley
1 Glider launcher
3 Magnet bumpers for damping 
& non-contact collisions
8 1cm incline adjustments
8 Flags for photogates, 2 ea. of 4 different sizes
12 25g masses
1 End pulley with ruby bearing
2 Hook and loop bumpers (sets)
4 Spring attachments
2 Photogate holders
1 Daedalon® Air Track instructions

Track Length: 2m
Cross Section: 90° apex isosceles triangle with 
stiffening bar underneath
Air holes: 2 rows on each side, 0.9 mm dia.
Straightness: 0.04 mm over working length
Support: Crossfoot & adjustable foot
Measurements: Meter tape & photogate flags
End Stops: Launcher & end pulley
Extra Masses: 300g (12 x 25g). Each glider can hold 
up to 200g of additional mass
Bumpers: 3 magnet, 2 hook/loop (sets), 8 spring
Pulley: High accuracy ruby bearing

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