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Electronic Stopclock, Daedalon®

Electronic Stopclock, Daedalon®

Electronic Stopclock, Daedalon®

The ET-41 Electronic Stop clock has a 4 digit LCD display and it records times in either milliseconds (ms) or seconds (s) to 0.001 s. The display changes from ms to s automatically during the execution of an experiment. One or two photogates can control the clock, providing the option of timing the interruption of the gate or the time of passage between the two gates. The clock has two input jack connectors on the front of the panel (P1 and P2), providing power for two photogates as well as receiving signals from them. The front panel incorporates a reset button, recall button and on/off toggle power switch.
A photogate or an included external push-button swich (ET-21) controls the stop clock. The clock starts as the light beam is broken and stops when the beam is clear. This is useful in mechanics experiments, where the velocity of a body needs to be determined at some point in its travel. When two photogates are connected, the clock starts when the first gate's sensors are passed and stops when the second gate is broken. The clock's internal logic senses the connection of the second gate and operates the clock accordingly.
The memory feature of the stop clock is provided for use with a single gate. In this mode, timing begins with interruption of the gate.
The display will show the total time that the gate was blocked and hold this value until the gate is interrupted a second time. After the second measurement is complete, the time recorded during the first interruption may be read by pressing the "recall" button.



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