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Stream Table Deluxe *Oversize*. (NR)*

Stream Table Deluxe *Oversize*. (NR)*

Stream Table Deluxe *Oversize*. (NR)*

Stream tables are an essential part of the earth sciences class for the study of erosion, sediment deposition, and the behavior of rivers and lakes. Use them to unfold these processes inside the classroom at an accelarated rate - easier than observing a real river over the course of decades. Until now, however, there's been little choice in features or affordability in a stream table. That's why we're proud to introduce the most advanced system to be found anywhere, at a price you won't believe! With our integrated design, set-up is a breeze - simply add water, turn on the pump and teach!

A generous 48 x 20" in size, our rugged ABS device features five water jets, not the usual one. One water jet yields one piddly stream, while many jets form tributaries that form rivers, just like the landscape around you. The reservior contains a sediment trap to prevent particulates from cloging the pump. The integrated prop holds the table at several angles and the clear acrylic sides allow views of sediment layers. A removable dam creates a lake to illustrate how sediments form deltas. Fully watertight.

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