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Sensitive Motor Pkg/10

Sensitive Motor Pkg/10

Sensitive Motor Pkg/10

This motor was selected for this service based on its ability to be started in bright sunlight by a single solar cell having just a few square inches of area.  It will, in fact, start with less than direct bright sunlight, and can be made to vary its speed by covering a portion of the face of the solar cell.  The mounted pulley will drive simple devices with a useful mechanical advantage using a rubber band for a belt.  Cardboard disk patterns of interesting design can be cut out and mounted on the pulley edge using the supplied 5/32" clear tubing as a retainer.  A blank disk is provided to illustrate this application.  The 5/32" clear tubing can be used as a display item by itself to demonstrate the shaft rotation, or it can be used to couple the motor shaft directly to some other device.


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