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Spectrometer, USB

• Your entire class can view spectra live on an overhead projector!

• Teaching spectroscopy and spectra has never been easier! Here’s a digital spectrometer that’s also a camera that hooks right up to your computer. This means you can point it at any light source to obtain a complete spectral readout.

• Spectral range about 390-680 nanometers with accuracy of 1% or better. (Spectroscopic features as narrow as 3 nanometers can be measured!)

• Easy to use and highly versatile, it includes software and 7 training videos, each 30 minutes in length.

• Internal video camera auto-focuses and adjusts for light conditions

• Works with any Windows computer (XP or more recent)

• Software (awarded “hot product” by Sky & Telescope Magazine) displays spectra and their intensity graphs in real time

• Plug in and play! You can be operational in 90 seconds

• Designed for demonstrating spectral sources and for measuring the spectra of LED’s, street lamps, and more!



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• Works great with Science First® 614-0796 Spectrum Power Supply and Science First® spectrum tubes (click to see spectrum tubes)


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