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Millikan Apparatus with Power Supply

Millikan Apparatus with Power Supply

Millikan Apparatus with Power Supply

Accurately determine the elementary charge of the electron and demonstrate quantization.
- Whole-plate reversible polarity electrode chamber provides a completely uniform field
- High intensity LED light source brilliantly illuminates particles and is fully adjustable for beam focus and background contrast
- Short depth-of-field viewing scope with reticle allows coarse and fine focus, with scanning of the particle cloud for individual particle selection



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Think this classic of modern physics is out of reach in your classroom? Think again.

Focus on results, not set-up and clean-up.

Assembly takes seconds and actually becomes part of the instructive process: students attach the two main components guided by the case image - a schematic of the experiment. The latex microsphere suspension - instead of oil - means clean-up takes only moments
with distilled water.

Classroom efficiency. Budgetary economy.
No need to buy and arrange a power supply, leads, voltmeter, probes, or ringstand means

both class time and class dollars go farther.

- Base unit with integrated 500V supply
- High intensity LED light block
- Parallel whole-plate field chamber
- Viewing scope with reticle
- Focusing rod
- Atomizer
- Latex sphere suspension
- Experimental manual

Field voltage: 0-500V; reversible polarity
Light source: 1A high intensity LED;heat-managed
Particle: 1 um latex, in suspension (16110 replacement particle suspension)
Supply input: 110VAC 50-60Hz


A Wish To Comply
Robert Frost

Did I see it go by,
That Millikan mote?
Well, I said that I did.
I made a good try.
But I'm no one to quote.
If I have a defect
It's a wish to comply
And see as I'm bid.
I rather suspect
All I saw was the lid
Going over my eye.
I honestly think
All I saw was a wink.

We think if Mr. Frost had used our apparatus,
his poem may have gone a little something like this:

I saw them this time,
Those pinpricks of light!
With a flick of the switch,
I studied their climb.
There were hundreds in sight.
This classic of e,
A research sublime,
Went without a glitch.
We found easily
With nary a hitch
That constant so prime.
It took but one try.
Who needs Millikan's eye?

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