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Your attention to your customers is amazing!  I appreciate all your assistance with the Starlab.  The trainings energize our team!

Thank you again,

Kathy Hopen, CCDF Director 

Refracting Telescope Kit (PS-04B/Single).

Refracting Telescope Kit (PS-04B/Single).

Refracting Telescope Kit (PS-04B/Single).

Experiment with each element of a simple refracting telescope and see how the lenses work when put together without using an optical bench. Galileo’s first telescopes lacked precision and clarity. Nevertheless, he made astonishing discoveries with his crude instruments.
This simple lab enables students to build a telescope that is similar to Galileo’s.

  • Use the telescope and see how it is similar to a pinhole camera
  • View inverted astronomical images
  • Estimate the magnification power
  • Find the focal length of a lens
  • See how the moon looked to Galileo.
Can be purchased in a bulk rate pack of 10 see part number 654-0010.



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