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Your attention to your customers is amazing!  I appreciate all your assistance with the Starlab.  The trainings energize our team!

Thank you again,

Kathy Hopen, CCDF Director 

Planet Scale 8 Planets *Over*. *Oversize*.

Planet Scale 8 Planets *Over*.  *Oversize*.

Planet Scale 8 Planets *Over*. *Oversize*.

The planets, or "wandering Stars," have long puzzled the ancients: were they gods or omens from another world? Today we know they are remnants of the formation of the solar system that can vary from small rocks to the great bulk of Jupiter. While your students have no doubt seen pictures of the planets, it can be difficult for them to "put it in perspective." Which is where our economical model can help! Using Mercury as the benchmark, we have cut each planet "to Scale" out of lightweight, durable ABS plastic you can use over and over. The size of the pieces ranges from 1" to 29" in diameter; each is labeled for easy references. Small holes allow the model to be used as a mobile. Instructions included.

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