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Torso, Unisex, Open Back/Head. (Oversize) 17 Pc.

Torso, Unisex, Open Back/Head. (Oversize) 17 Pc.

Torso, Unisex, Open Back/Head. (Oversize) 17 Pc.

"Unisex Eunice" has 17 parts and is accurate in all details, making him/her perfect for your basic anatomy lab. Major body systems are numbered and identified on the included key card. Shows the main organs in detail and digestive, respiratory and urinary systems. The head is divided to expose one half of the brain. The neck is dissected through the ventral surface to reveal muscular, glandular, vascular and neural structures. The open thorax and abdomen provide a full view of the internal organs. The back dissects to reveal the muscular layers, vertebral column, spinal cord and nerve branches. Open back and neck give full view of central nervous system with brain stem and whole spinal cord. 90 x 33 x 23 cm. Weight: 9000 g. 

Removable parts include:
Half the brain divided along longitudinal fissure to show internal structures and blood vessels
Eye with optic nerve and extraocular muscles
Right and left lungs showing bronchial tree and vasculature
Descending thoracic aorta and esophagus
Two-part heart showing atria, ventricles, cardiac valves and section through ventricular heart wall
Half kidney sectioned along frontal plane to show internal structures and vessels
Kidney, urethra and urinary bladder with prostate (removable, 2 parts)
Stomach with muscular and vascular structures; pancreas, duodenum, and spleen with vessels and ducts; liver; small and large intestine; removable cover over caecum; T12 thoracic vertebrae with spinal cord

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