Alpha Water Sampler, Vertical PVC - Water sampler only, Opaque PVC, 3.2L

Alpha Water Sampler, Vertical PVC - Water sampler only, Opaque PVC, 3.2L

Alpha Water Sampler, Vertical PVC - Water sampler only, Opaque PVC, 3.2L

- Blue seals of durable, flexible, high-grade polyurethane resin

- 316 SS trip head for durability

- Not suitable for trace metal sampling

- Alpha Bottle Only

The following items are required for operation (NOT INCLUDED):

- messenger (3-45-B10)
- 100 ft. line (3-62-C15)

(See kits for all inclusive package)

Use vertical bottles in mildly corrosive water, marine water and water with large amounts of suspended solids or adhesive colloidal solids to collect plankton and floating sediments. The wide mouth collects a true water sample with no contamination from other water levels. During descent, the open mouth does not restrict water flow. This makes them particularly suitable for collecting plankton, floating sediments and for use where metallic ion avoidance is desirable. Your choice of transparent acrylic or more durable opaque PVC.

Alpha samplers are not suitable for trace metal analysis due to the potential for contamination (i.e. mercury and phosphorus) by the materials in the sampler’s end seals. For trace metal analysis, choose our Beta Bottle water samplers.

A thermometer can be mounted inside acrylic Alpha™ bottles.

NOTE: Volume may vary slightly. It is recommended that you verify the exact volume of your bottle prior to use.



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About Alpha™ bottles
Alpha™ Van Dorn-style bottles have flexible, plunger-like blue polyurethane end seals for reliable sealing. Black latex tubing is used to close the bottle because it better resists decay in sunlight and in water than amber tubing. It is an extremely strong elastic material but may leach a small amount of heavy metals or other contaminants. The end seals may leach trace amounts of mercury into the water sample in the range of  20 - 450 ng/L (nanograms per liter). End seals may also leach phosphorus in small amounts. 
When tripped by a messenger, the urethane end seals snap tightly onto each end of the cylinder, producing an almost leakproof seal. A small amount of sample is always lost until a slight vacuum forms inside as the sealed sampler is lifted. 
Alpha™ bottles feature a stainless steel trip head for durability and high performance. Nylon safety line connects the end seals to hold them in place even if the latex tubing breaks.

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