Beta Plus Bottle Only - 6.2L Horizontal, PVC

Beta Plus Bottle Only - 6.2L Horizontal, PVC

Beta Plus Bottle Only - 6.2L Horizontal, PVC

• No metal parts to touch your sample

• Designed for trace metal sampling

• May be used for organic sampling to concentrations of mg/L.

 Beta Bottle Only

The following items are required for operation (NOT INCLUDED):

- messenger (45-B10) 

- 100 ft. line (62-C15)

(See kits for all inclusive package.)

Intended for shallow or deep waters, these bottles are called “horizontal” because they descend, parallel to the bottom. They are pulled sideways just before closing by the operator, which ensures a representative water sample for that specific depth. They are ideal for sampling at the thermocline, at other stratification levels, or just above the bottom sediments. These popular and versatile bottles come in your choice of transparent acrylic or opaque PVC. PVC is more durable and less costly, but the acrylic allows you to view the bottle contents immediately.

When running metal, organic, or any other chemical analyses, it is best to run a blank on the sampler prior to use.

A thermometer can be mounted inside acrylic Beta bottles.

NOTE: Volume may vary slightly. It is recommended that you verify the exact volume of your bottle prior to use.



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About Beta™ Bottles
This bottle is excellent for near off-shore (to 200 m) trace metal sampling, since there are no metal parts to touch your sample. You avoid the metallic ion contamination that can cause major errors in algal assays or productivity.  Beta™ Van Dorn bottles have rigid, white plastic end seals for clean sealing. The bottle ends are machined to fit foam silicone gaskets. Amber latex tubing, which does not leach measurable amounts of metal, closes the bottle. Beta™ bottles feature a nylon safety line connecting the end seals, so if the closing tube breaks, you’re less likely to lose your expensive seals. This is why Beta™ bottles have an excellent track record in a wide variety of field conditions.

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