Churn Splitter 8L (NON RETURNABLE)

Churn Splitter 8L (NON RETURNABLE)

Churn Splitter 8L (NON RETURNABLE)

This is a NON-RETURNABLE ITEM. See Terms & Conditions for more info. You will be required to approve Terms & Conditions at checkout. Approval acknowledges your acceptance of this item being non-returnable.

Mix and divide into sub-samples for testing. This device offers a convenient, efficient way of preparing sub-samples from streamflows. Samples are poured into the splitter and mixed into one representative cross section sample of stream flow. This mixture is then split into 4 to 16 sub-samples. The thick-walled polyethylene cylindrical vessel has a disk churn with holes in a specific pattern, a center handle that extends through the cover and a locating notch to keep it oriented in one direction. A polypropylene spring-loaded spigot drains sub-samples into bottles. Lid and spigot are replaceable.  Capacity: 8 LNote: These items are drop shipped from the manufacturer and are non returnable.



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