Palmer Cell Ceramic (NON RETURNABLE)

Palmer Cell Ceramic  (NON RETURNABLE)

Palmer Cell Ceramic (NON RETURNABLE)

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Similar to the Sedgewick Rafter but specifically intended for nannoplankton. The shallow depth of the circular chamber permits use of 40 to 45 x objectives. Because its magnification limit is 400 to 450 x, it is recommended for 43 x dry objectives of approximately 0.65 n.a. and 4 mm e.f. Do not use unless your sample contains a dense population of 10 or more plankters per field, due to the cell’s small size. Such a small sample portion from a less dense population can cause serious underestimation of density.

• Volume is 0.1 mL for all types

• Ceramic cell is shallow, 17.9 mm diameter x 0.4 mm deep, with 2 charging channels. Has greater volume variances than stainless steel.



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