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Owl Pellet Kit, Classroom pack of 15 Pellets.

Owl Pellet Kit, Classroom pack of 15 Pellets.

Owl Pellet Kit, Classroom pack of 15 Pellets.

This kit features a food web poster, vole skeleton poster, and bone sorting chart poster showing the bones of rodents, shrews, moles and birds. We include 15 large, heat sterilized, individually wrapped barn owl pellets. Teacher's Guide contains background information, teaching plans, lab guide, projects, skull keys and references.

• Learn about ecology, the food chain and dissection
• Specimens are washed and sterilized for easy handling
• Each large-sized pellet has a good selection of prey

Owl pellets are a time-honored biology lab because they tell us so much about the life of a classic predator. Pellets
contain the indigestible portions of prey: beaks, bones, and hair, stored in the owl’s crop and then regurgitated in a
single mass. Because of this, it is possible to dissect a pellet and determine what the owl ate. Dissection itself is a worthy activity, and determining common prey animals is the perfect intro into discussions about the food chain, ecology,and relationships between animals.

Our kits are economical enough that students can have his own pellet or can work together in small groups. Each generously-sized (about 1.5" long) pellet is washed with antimicrobial fluids and then heat-sterilized for safety.



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